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Telltale Signs Your Wound Is Infected

Telltale Signs Your Wound Is Infected

An infected wound spells trouble.

And not just on the site of injury either. It can spread throughout your body and cause fatal health complications. It won’t just delay healing, but it can also give rise to organ failure, septic shock, and possibly even death if left untreated. Oh no!

That’s why you have to watch out for the signs of an infected wound and treat it as soon as possible.

Your wound might be infected if….

  • You have a feeling of general tiredness.
    Do you feel fatigued without having much reason to be? Check your wound, it might be infected. Body malaise is a signal that you need rest, and you need to have your injury treated immediately.
  • You have a fever.
    Fever is one of the body’s main defenses against an infection. Your temperature increases to make your body more uninhabitable for invading organisms. In the process, your fever will kill some of them. But often, this defense mechanism isn’t enough. You will still need proper treatment to fully get rid of an infection.
  • You have a bit of fluid draining from your wound.
    Does your wound smell a bit off-putting? It may be caused by the pus building up at the site of infection. You will need to see a health professional if ever you observe this on your wound.
  • You have an increased sensation of pain.
    When a wound is healing properly, you should find that the pain slowly subsides in time. However, if the pain continues to worsen, there’s observable redness, and you’re unable to properly move that area, then your wound is clearly infected. You should get it checked by a doctor immediately.
  • You have a warm area around the wound.
    It can indeed be normal for an injured area to be a bit warm to the touch during the healing process. The heat you feel is generated by the increased blood flow and white blood cell migration to the area. However, if it does not cool down, this could be indicative that your body is fighting a war against the infectious agents that are trying to invade your body.

Now that you know the signs of an infected wound, you should supplement it with the knowledge of how you should be able to prevent one.

Frequent hand washing and bandage changing are only a few among of the many keys of avoiding wound infection. But, if you want a more in-depth knowledge, you should consider enrolling yourself in an American Heart Association Training Center in California. The short course on preventing wound infections will surely benefit you and your loved ones for the rest of your life!

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