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Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan Fingerprinting in Sacramento CA

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Hopewell CPR Training in Sacramento, California is a duly authorized Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI-certified fingerprinting service provider approved to electronically capture and submit fingerprints for the purposes of employment, license, certification, obtaining business permit, record review, immigration clearance, volunteer, adoption, and others.

Who needs fingerprinting?
Healthcare workers in the field of Staffing Agencies, Medical Billing Services, Transcription Services, Laboratories, Clinics, Radiology / Imaging / X-Ray, Medical Review, Chiropractic Care, Nurses/Doctors/Hospitals, Physical Therapists, Senior Living / Assisted Living, Medical Assistants, Nurse Aides, In-Home Care staff, Pharmacists, Dental Assistants, etc.

Child and Elder Care Providers in Family Child Care Homes, Child Care Centers, Foster Parents, and Teachers in schools also need fingerprinting.

There are many other agencies that require their employees or job applicants to get a background check for various reasons. This includes employees of: Parking and Shuttle Services, Security Guards, Realtors, Notaries, CPAs, Lottery Retailers, Stock Brokers, Contractors, Attorneys, Gaming, Insurance, Pilots, and many others.

What happens during the Live Scan Process?
The agency requesting your criminal background check or live scan fingerprint is responsible for providing you with the “Request for Live Scan Service” form. The form must be completed by the agency and by you, the applicant. You must bring an appropriate identification and at least a copy of the form to have your live scan fingerprints captured and transmitted to the DOJ. We cannot provide any assistance in filling out the form. All questions regarding the live scan form should be directed to the requesting agency.

A certified fingerprint roller will input your personal descriptor information, digitally capture your fingerprint images, transmit the data to DOJ and provide you with an applicant transaction identifier (ATI) number. This number identifies the particular transaction and always written at the bottom of the form requesting Live Scan fingerprint. Going forward, it is important to direct all inquiries regarding the live scan to the agency handling your employment or licensing. Please allow a minimum of 7 days from the date fingerprinting was done before making a status inquiry.

If after you have confirmed that your digital live scan was submitted by the fingerprint roller but the requesting agency does not have the result, you can call us at 916-246-8055 to check on your submission. Remember, you will need your ATI number and your date of birth.

We charge a nominal fee of $25 plus applicable government (DOJ/FBI) fees.

If you have any clarifications or additional questions about our live scan fingerprinting service, get in touch with our American Heart Association Training Center in California at 916-246-8055 or Schedule An Appointment for assistance.