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5 Ways To Deal with a Sprain

5 Ways To Deal with a Sprain

When the fibers of the ligaments suffer a tear, such injury is considered a sprain. It often happens in the ankle but can also occur in the knee, wrist, or thumb. A sprain usually leads to swelling and pain. The gravity of the injury depends on the intensity of pain and severity of the swelling.

Anyone can get a sprain. If you do suffer from one, you can follow the ways below to deal with it.

  1. Give the injured body part a rest.

    A sprain can be painful and moving the area can lead to discomfort. Additionally, moving it can aggravate the condition. The doctor can help determine the appropriate amount of rest that you should give to your injured body part. Avoid applying weight on the sprained area so as not to make it worse.

    This doesn’t mean that your entire body should not be moving, though. You still need to move other body parts that are in good condition for them to stay healthy.

  2. Apply ice on the sprained area.

    An ice pack can help minimize the swelling in the affected body part. Apply a cold compress on the area and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure not to put it on too long as doing so can damage the tissues. The application of an ice pack should be done within the 48 hours after the injury took place.

  3. Wear compression on the injured area.

    You can use a compression sleeve, bandage, or elastic wrap to cover the sprained area.

  4. Elevate the sprained body part.

    Elevation is also a technique used to minimize swelling. Raise the injured area of the body above the level of your heart.

  5. Listen to your doctor.

    A medical professional can take a good look at the sprain and help you further in treatment. The doctor may prescribe certain drugs for pain relief and provide other instructions for recovery. Make sure to listen to everything that your doctor says and follow them.

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